1Password vs. Lastpass

I’ve been using both tools now for some time. 1Password for more than a year and Lastpass for about a month. I have to say that both are great at what they do. These tools really make it simple to diversify and strengthen your passwords and still have the simplicity of remembering only one. Both tools appear to be very comparable. I can do the following very easily…

  • Manage passwords and more (such as credit card numbers and other various accounts)
  • Create a local copy or backup
  • Sync with my mobile phone (iPhone)

The only real difference appears to be in the elegance of the software. I feel 1Password appears more elegant against the interfaces of LastPass. This might have something to do with the fact that 1Password first arrived on the Mac. Typically, Mac software feels a bit more refined. That said, I can’t say much more otherwise. Only other real difference is in the price…

  • 1Password: $39.95 (available for Mac and PC)
  • LastPass: Free! or $1.00 per month if you want access to the mobile application (Available for Mac, PC and Linux)

I like them both so here is how I use them. I run 1Password on my personal Mac and LastPass on my work PC. I should also mention that 1Password now has a public beta for the PC and it syncs easily enough using DropBox. I may be checking it out myself soon.

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