Troubleshoot a Slow WiFi Connection

I recently received a call from my father about experiencing slow internet speeds for no apparent reason. I had installed a Linksys N router for him a few months ago and all had been working well at the time. I did remember that I was able to see many (about 8 – 10) available wifi networks when I was configuring his new router. It occurred to me that he might be experiencing a problem with interference. I had a hunch that many of these networks were probably broadcasting on the same channel. I was going to first suggest iStumbler or WiFi Scanner v 1.1 (both are for Mac OS X) so that my father could detect the channels of the conflicting networks, but I know he has a dislike for installing software if it is not needed regularly. I then found this browser based WiFi detector that worked perfectly – Meraki Tools WiFi Stumbler. We quickly found that several of the networks were all on the same channel, including his. So I had my father connect to the router administration page and modify the channel. After a 5 second refresh, he was browsing the web at full speed again.

More about Meraki WiFi Stumbler…


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